Curriculum vitae

Short biography:

Zuzana Beňušková (1960) was born and lives in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 1983 she graduated in ethnology from the Comenius University in Bratislava and started to work at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Ethnology, devoting to rituals, religiosity, ethnic minorities and the town ethnology. Since 1996 she also teaches at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Constantine Philosopher (UCP) in Nitra. Since 2004 she became the professor assistant and 2013 university professor. 2005 – 2011 she was the Head of the Department of Ethnology and Ethnomusicology at the UCP University. She is the author of over 80 papers, a successful publication project „The Traditional Culture of the Regions in Slovakia“ (VEDA1998, 2005, DAJAMA 2010 under the title The Folk Culture),  Religiozita a medzikonfesionálne vzťahy v lokálnom spoločenstve/The Religiosity and Inter–Confession Relations in a Local Community (ÚEt SAV 2004) and  Tekovské Lužany : kultúrna a sociálna diverzita vidieckeho spoločenstva / Tekovské Lužany: cultural and social diversity of the rural community  (UKF, Nitra  2011),  Prečo sú Vianoce tradičné a nové/Why Christmas is traditional and new? (ÚEt SAV 2014), Občianske obrady na Slovensku/The civil rituals on Slovakia  (ÚEt SAV 2017). The result ot the research of the history of Slovak ethnology is a series of audiovisual documents.

She was the editor of the journal Etnologické rozpravy (The Discussions on Ethnology) in 2002 –2003; she was 2002-2008 the chairperson of the Slovak Society of Ethnology (Národopisná spoločnosť Slovenska). Since 2006 – 2016 she has been a member of the Organizing Committee of Etnofilm Čadca international film festival.